Feel vibrant, alive, and Irresistibly Healthy

In Irresistibly Healthy – Simple Strategies to Feel Vibrant, Alive, Healthy, and Full of Energy Again, international best-selling author Shawna M. Robins will teach you how to:

  • Level up your lifestyle choices so you don’t get sick
  • Feel better in your body so you can travel, have adventures and have FUN
  • Fake better care of yourself so you can feel more energized, vibrant, and alive
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Shawna Robins

Iā€™m Shawna Robins, international best-selling author, health and wellness coach, sleep expert, and cancer survivor.

I have worked with so many clients who believe that being in good health and feeling good is hard.

Worse than that, so many of them believe that in order to have energy and feel vibrant, they have to make major sacrifices.

But the truth is, when you have strategies that match your own unique situation, getting healthy is not only simple — it’s easy and FUN!

That’s why I wrote Irresistibly Healthy – Simple Strategies to Feel Vibrant, Alive, Healthy, and Full of Energy Again.

Get ready to feel like you did in your 20s and 30s again!!

Rave Reviews

This book is informative, intentional, practical and heart filled. Loved it!

"As a person who has tried (and been overwhelmed) by wanting to make a whole bunch of changes at the same time, I was grateful for the practical, actionable tips Shawna shares on how to start with small actions - some of which I have already posted on stickies around the house. Full of great info, a wealth of resources and a whole bunch of heart, this is a must read for anyone wanting to take the reigns back and improve their health...on all levels."
Rosa E.
Love this book!

A great book that motivates and empowers you to take time for yourself for your health and life. By taking small steps and following the strategies laid out in this book can make a big impact in your life and on your health. Highly recommend this book!
Scott S.

"This is the most inspiring, interesting and doable book on how to take charge of my health that I have EVER read!!! Every woman who wants a realistic AND FUN way to get healthy needs this book. Thank you Shawna Robins! Grateful."
Self care is the best care... this is the 'how to' book to do just that!

"This is a brilliant book written by a person who has researched more information than most oncologists! Because she's lived the nightmare, survived the battle and continues to have victory - I have great trust that the answers lie between these pages! This is a must read for anybody interested in preventing cancer.. or simply living their best life. The author provides techniques to help you start that journey to a healthier you and to help you stay on track. I certainly recommend it. "
Jennifer W.

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