Bestselling Author, Speaker, Sleep Expert, Health & Wellness Coach

I help powerful women become even more powerful.

I help women harness their true power by achieving high-quality sleep every night.

I teach women how to reclaim deep, restorative rest and activate the true source of their inner power.

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About Shawna Robins

Highly energetic, vibrant and dynamic, Shawna Robins is a compelling keynote speaker. As an international bestselling author, board certified health and wellness coach, and sleep expert, Shawna understands how exhausted and frustrated executive women are living in today’s world.

Unable to get the necessary deep and restorative rest they need to be high-functioning, this massive sleep deficit is keeping women leaders from connecting to their power and reaching their potential at work and in their personal lives.

Shawna’s mission is to inspire women to reclaim their sleep, which will improve the quality of their lives, their productivity, and their overall health.

Shawna’s books and research have won awards and started a global conversation about the importance of sleep – especially how it affects women’s brain and heart health, longevity, and happiness.

Signature Talks

  • Powerful Sleep – How Executive Women Can Reclaim Their Sleep and Improve Their Health and Their Lives
  • Banish Insomnia For Good – Top Expert Tips To Sleep Well Every Night
  • Investing in Yourself – What Is The ROI On A Good Night’s Rest?
  • The Best Diet to Sleep Well Each Night
  • Top 5 Strategies to Reclaim Your Sleep Again
  • Banish the Brain Fog – Secrets to A Good Night’s Sleep
  • Escape Hormone Hell – How to Balance Your Hormones and Reclaim Your Life

Shawna has shared her expert insights with audiences of 100+ participants here:

Women of Silicon Valley
Women's Travel Wisdom

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